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Reed Diffuser

Reed diffusers offer a heatless, convenient, flame-free route to infusing a room with long-lasting fragrances.


The set comes with 5 ounces of premium fragrance oils and 12 black chic natural rattan reed sticks.

Reed Diffuser

  • -Unscrew the collar, remove the plastic stopper, and screw the collar back on. 

    -Place your reeds into the vessel so that the bottom of the sticks are submerged in fragrance oil. We reccommend starting with 6 to 8 reeds.

    -Give your reeds a few minutes to absorb the oil, and then carefully flip them so that the dry end is in the air.

    -Spread your reeds out as much as possible to let the air circulate between them.

    -Flip the reeds periodically (typically about once a week is great) to keep that scent strong.


    After set up, your reed diffuser will typically last between 2 - 4 months (sometimes longer!). Whenever you want a burst of fragrance, feel free to flip the reed sticks (at most every 2 to 3 days). If you feel the scent is too light, you can always add more reeds to your diffuser.

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