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Full of Hope for DADS




DADs gives fathers hope by walking together in supportive community, helping navigate relational and legal barriers that separate them from their children and families. This candle was crafted specifically for DADs, and  the blend marries Mango and Gardenia into a fragrance that symbolizes renewal and joy. This candle is balanced by top notes of coconut and peach and a base of light musk and tonka bean. This fragrance is infused with essential oils, including clove leaf and galbanum.



At DADS, we aim to restore hope in fathers, children and families by addressing the barriers separating fathers from being present in the lives of their children. When a father comes to D.A.D.S., they often don’t know where to start. With many staff who have been in the same position, we seek to meet fathers where they are and help them navigate complicated systems to continue their journey back toward their children. We seek to address the whole person in helping fathers overcome child support debt, build financial and personal stability, connect with supportive community and reunite in positive relationships with their children and families. While we serve all regardless of faith, we at DADS have witnessed the redemptive power of Jesus to transform lives and reconcile families.

Full of Hope for DADS

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