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Medicine for the People for Tubman Center for Health & Freedom




We had the pleasure of working with The Tubman Center for Health & Freedom to create something special; we were asked to craft a scent that evoked feelings of freedom and fresh air. This has easily become one of our favorites, as it is crafted with eucalyptus, tea leaves, bergamot, and orange blossom as an aromatherapy blend to promote peace, health and wellness.



The Tubman Center for Health & Freedom is a community organization committed to the principles of healing and people’s liberation from systems that make us unwell. We work to advance health justice, culturally appropriate care and integrative medicine. We are a collective of community members laying the groundwork for an innovative community health clinic that specializes in meeting the needs of marginalized communities in Seattle’s Puget Sound region.


We are named after the hero Harriet Tubman, who concentrated on both freeing people from systems of oppression that threatened their health as well as providing clinical care for patients as a Nurse in the Union army. We follow this same methodology of addressing health and wellness from both systemic and clinical approaches.

Medicine for the People for Tubman Center for Health & Freedom

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